Here is a great before and after photo that Johnross from Mean Street Tattoos in Bensalem PA posted, of a Surface piercing that he did on the Nape area of a client of his. She came into see Johnross; to get her Tragus pierced, and to downsize the jewelry in the Nape piercing that she had done at another shop. After seeing what she had; he carefully explained to her that her current Nape piercing was not looking good, and that the type of jewelry that was in it was probably inappropriate and detrimental. After further explaining to her the benefits that he has found when using an I.S. Titanium Surface Barbell with Titanium Flat Back Faceted Gem End tops (known for their low-profile) in this situation (he uses them on his clients on a regular basis), he offered to pierce her for free with the purchase of the jewelry. She decided to go for it, was totally happy with the outcome, and swore to be back and to tell all of her friends! You are very savvy when it comes to strengthening your customer base, @jrspiercings ! Bravo! And, thanks for the tag, and for choosing to offer INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH Fine Quality Body Jewelry to your customers! #repoststatigram #industrialstrength #isbodyjewelry #madeintheusa #implantgradebodyjewelry #finequalitybodyjewelry #f136 #polishedtoamirrorfinish #mirrorfinish #swarovski #issurfacejewelry #surfacepiercing #lowprofile #isthreadedends #picoftheday #igdaily #legitbodyjewelry #youaregoingtolooksobeautiful #customerforlife #loveit

This is why you don’t use curved barbells/bioplast/bioflex/biowhatever in piercings in case you were wondering.

Curved jewelry is never appropriate for surface piercings.

I love this lotssssssss.

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