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Demi Iacopetta
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A lament to incorrect terminology: Denting


Ok so yesterday we received a message asking How do you start to cartilage dent? I want to go up to 2g and I heard it can be a good idea to start denting at smaller gauges” to which I replied that I had no idea what that term even meant let alone how to achieve it. So rather than some…

Selfie all day erry day
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Mursi woman, Ethiopia
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had to put colour in it, couldnt help myself…
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Hint: White ink tattoos are NOT scarification and self harm is NOT scarification.

seriously though, self harm is not scarification

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Seriously, I would like pic reactions for this one. I just have to see some of your facial reactions xD

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Oh yes I did.
I’m mesmerized by women with their titties tattooed into hearts. Who says it only has to be for women? Now I can see heart-shaped titties any time I want =) I had them done Saturday… I was surprised how less painful it was than I expected, but I was nitpicky about the details and as he worked on the same spot I was starting to feel pretty raw by the end.
You know what’s hilarious though? I had it done on St. Marks (NYC… it’s the only reputable shop on the road!) and the tattooist said I’m one of the strangest people he’d ever met, and he never saw anything like this tattoo before.
FYI St. Marks is hobo/bum/pothead/freak central. One of the strangest places I’ve ever seen.
And I was called strange by a fucking tattoo artist there. How badass is that? :-}
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Stunning green eyeball tattoos.
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Photography by Brock Elbank 
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