Hi guys, sorry my posts have stopped. I moved house and haven’t got internet yet, so my queue ran out and this blog is really hard to run from my phone! I’ll get back on it soon I promise! Remember you can also submit your mods / your work now too :)
Have a selfie to tie you over haha.
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Philip Milic - “Star dust and angel feathers. Moon reflections never need explanations.”  tattrx.com/artists/philip-milic
tumblr: philipmilic
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Dude I was going to pierce this girls inner lip today and she hadn't shaved in like 5 years hahaha it was so gross. Does this ever happen to you?






I’ve got a kookie idea here; stop being a fucking asshole. Be a fucking adult and realize that hair in places where hair grows is nothing to even think about. Then be a professional and understand that it’s not your business and stop looking at your clients like pieces of meat. That person trusted you to do a piercing with a professional attitude. How dare you violate that trust by running your mouth about your bullshit standards. It’s a part of the natural human anatomy. Grow the fuck up. I feel bad for any person who gets pierced by you.

If you cannot respect the body of another person and what choices they make regarding personal grooming, then you should not be placing your hands on anyone. This is utterly disgraceful. A client entrusted you with an intimate service, and you broke that trust by gossiping about them. Completely unprofessional. You are no colleague of mine.

This just in: Humans are mammals and actually grow hair.

After the break: Sky is blue, water is wet.

But seriously, piercers that talk shit about their clients having body hair, or being fat, or whatever, just makes me fucking sick. Stop it. YOU are the reason why I have so many people coming in to see me, ashamed of things their bodies do naturally. Guess what, some people are fat, and some choose to leave their body hair natural (hairy, fat piercer bitch right here, folks!), and also vulvas have a smell. If you can’t deal with that, you’re in the wrong career, so maybe go ahead and grow up.


Seriously, you have ONE JOB, and it is to make people feel better about themselves, to make them feel pretty. You are failing as a piercer as you obvisously don’t even understand the essence of your job. 

People, please remember that this person does not represent what body piercers stand for, and that you should never have to worry about being judged or gossiped about, ever. Love your body and adorn it the way it pleases you!


The jewelry orders just keep coming!  More gorgeous ends arrived from @bvla, including these pretties.  Pictured are the “Marquise Sarai,” “Mini Nova,” “Marquise Fan,” “Elizabeth Bezel,” “Sarai Oval,” and “Mini Pleades.”  #legitbodyjewelry #goldslinger #appmember #rosegoldsf #safepiercing #sanfrancisco #gold #goldforeverybody #fashion #finejewelry #bvla #bodyvision #piercings
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25mm fluorite teardrop plugs for sale: www.pavianplugs.com/?p=1876
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Fresh #scarification on @emsefyr! Performed by me at @calmbodymodification. Thanks for the show of trust! 🙏 #skinpeeling 
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this blog is amazing, it's everything im into. Soooo rad. Are you planning on getting any of the stuff you post here done btw?

Thank you :)
I’m planning on lots of things yes! But all in due time :)


100mm (4 inch) lobes.Owner: Tom Bryant
Jewely Maker: GloryHoles

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Loving my modifications today.
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one of first eyes which I tattooed, my friend Adam.
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felt this needed to be said. 
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Hi there! I have a few things to say. One, you run one of the best body mod blogs out there. Two, you're gorgeous. Three, do you know if any piercing places can put you under for the ear pointing? I'm a super baby. Lol Keep up the fantastic work! ♥

Aw thank you. I try my best to keep it more on the heavier mods side rather than just being another piercing/tattoo blog ya know haha. Being put to sleep for a procedure would require an anesthetic technician, so the answer to that is no.

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